Transformation: From Drab to Chic Furniture

Do you have one of those hard-working, multiple functional furniture pieces (think: work table, desk, bookcase, file cabinet) in your home that hasn’t been changed in a while? You might have even at onen time bought a “cheapie” furniture with the intention of upgrading it in a year or two but then completely forgot about it. (umm…guilty here!)

Yes, you changed the important pieces – the sofa in the living room or that bed but you may have become “blind” to the blandness or the gradual deterioration of these workhorses.  There’s no need to settle for drab an boring when so many chic and highly functional furniture pieces exist!

I bet you have one of these metal file cabinets or the cheapo veneer version.

Replace that metal cabinet with a contemporary rustic Tracey file cabinet from Wayfair.  Or that veneer cabinet with the classicaly-styled Coventry cabinet.

Replace this standard plain brown bookcase with this sassier Tao bookcase from Hellman Chang.