About Design+Style Lab

By following your passion, we believe a new world of people and exciting possibilities will open up to you.

DSL is a learning guide to the world of interior decorating and design. Our Lab has condensed the expertise and experience of top design professionals in the field and brought it to you in easy to understand learning modules. We asked all the pros to come up with the necessary foundations that each newcomer needs to learn in order to successfully pull together a well-designed space.


At Design + Style Lab, you will learn to train your eye to create color schemes, to plan out furniture & lighting, to choose and apply a distinctive style to a room, to accessorize, and to make a client happy! Click here for the course outline.

Each module is $

No, each module is a stand-alone unit. But you will get more out of the program if you take all the modules.

Yes, we provide a discount if you take all the modules.

Yes, you must take them in sequence.

No, you don’t need any background in art. We welcome beginners.

You can start at any time.

Each module is different so the time of completion varies. It may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

You can log in on our website’s home page. Look at the menu on the left to log in.

No, you don’t need anything else. Everything is done online.